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Her First Time: Period Cycle Tracker For Teen Girls and Young Women

Adjusting to having menstrual cycles for the first time can be really trying for young women. So, this book was created to give teenage girls and young women an idea of what to expect and how to navigate it. This perfect sized period tracker book is the perfect gift for young women and teenage girls who before and after their first menstrual cycle. It's easy to read and understand with a common questions section, uses check marks and circles for tracking month to month, has over 3 years of monthly cycle recording and more! Purchase your copies of this book for the special young women in your lives to help them navigate this important time in their lives now.

Book Features:

  • Easy to Read
  • Easy to Understand
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Three Years Of Tracking
  • Easy Fill In Interactivity
  • Perfect Gift For Beginners
  • Perfect 6” X 9” Size
  • Notes Section
  • Category
  • Format
  • Date
    9 Sep, 2021
  • ISBN

Eccles Publishing